School Cinema combines the flair of some of the world’s most celebrated short-filmmakers and the knowledge and experience of renowned child experts and consulting professionals to create unique modules for your schools.

SC DevelopmenPprocess

The first step in the process of developing School Cinema involves research to understand children of different age groups and to identify the issues and challenges they face. To meet this purpose, an in-depth nationwide survey is carried out amongst school students, teachers, educators and parents. Inputs are taken from experts such as child psychologists, counsellors and the like.

On arriving at the top issues that children face at different ages, exhaustive documents which contain information on the issue are created and sent to prominent film makers who develop film scripts. Based on feedback and suggestions given by experts in the field, the scripts are finalized and the films are produced.

Films are followed by the creation of fun and exciting workbooks that incorporate information, illustrations and activities that enhance learning in an interactive and informative manner. The workbooks look at three levels of learning:


- The students relate to the film and identify the core issues addressed.


- The students understand the issue and relate it to their own lives.


- The activities enable the students to internalize and put into practice the key learning.

The process ends with obtaining feedback and suggestions from schools implementing the programme so as to further enhance the quality of the modules. The process is cyclical in nature with feedback and suggestions leading to further research and the process continues.The School Cinema process also includes the development of a formative and summative CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) that evaluates the students’ Life skills – (Thinking skills, Emotional skills, and Social skills), Values and Attitudes. The CCE is an integral part of School Cinema that determines the effectiveness of learning and assimilation by learners.

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