The Module for Class 1 revolves around the series called ‘SHAPES’. This series presents each story in a unique universe, composed of ‘shapes’. The stories are simple, humourous and each with an underlying moral.

The module comprises an exciting workbook with plenty of activities and games. The result is a light hearted, visually striking series that is entertaining and educative at the same time. The film for parents revolves around how children learn through imitation and the film for teachers helps them understand their students better.


The Module for Class 2 also revolves around the series ‘SHAPES’. The animated characters in the stories learn different morals and important life lessons. They teach children basic human values.

The beautifully designed workbook has exciting activities involving not only children but also parents and teachers. It promotes fun filled learning and better relationships. The film for parents focuses on the instilling values and the film for teachers delves into innovation in teaching.


The Module for Class 3 is based on the series called ‘The Berenstain Bears’, which is a warm and delightful value-based series featuring the lovable Bear family who live in a beautiful tree house.Through their daily adventures in Bear Country, whether it’s about helping out at school, playing with their friends, spending time with family, appreciating what they have, overcoming fears, or learning good manners – the Bears learn valuable lessons and in turn impart the same knowledge to children!

A specially created ‘bear-themed’ workbook reiterates the core message of each episode, while ensuring that the children are having an amazing time putting their learning into action! The film for parents is aimed to create awareness on the highly prevalent issue of child sexual abuse and the film for teachers empowers them to deal with children with learning disabilities.


Auto-B-Good is an animated series for children of Class 4 that help inculcate values of love, respect, obedience, responsibility, sportsmanship, cleanliness, and tolerance amongst others.

The series is set in the city of Autoville, which is inhabited by different cars with their own unique personalities, strengths and weaknesses. Packed with fun, entertainment and learning – each episode revolves around a particular value or a life skill which is woven into the narrative of the story.

Accompanied by a colourful and interesting workbook it ensures loads of entertainment and learning! The film for parents captures the negative impact parental conflicts have on children and the film for teachers highlights the value of a teacher.


Auto-B-Good Reloaded is a sequel of Class 4. The series is a little more grown up with the action being revved up. As the cars learn and grow, it is an opportunity for children to do the same.

The episodes and workbook are filled with value-based exercises and activities. Its guaranteed non-stop action adventure for children! The film for parents focus on the importance of spending quality time with children and the film for teachers addresses the challenges teachers face.


Popularity among peers is very important in the life of young adolescents. In their search for identity, they often engage in different behaviours to gain attention and acceptance. Bullying, low self-confidence, poor self-image, cultural insensitivity, lack of responsibility and use of foul language are issues that emerge at this age, and need to be addressed in a subtle yet impactful manner.


Adolescents are at a stage where they experience intense emotions. There are a number of key concerns that are highly prevalent and deeply affect them. The Module for Class 7 has been constructed to help adolescents think about their attitude and the decisions they make via a new way of learning through entertainment.


Adolescents in Class 8 start exhibiting maturity and openness to learn and grow. They try to become more responsible and conscious about the choices they need to make and often link it to accountability and independence. The Module for Class 8 facilitates adolescents to discover who they really are and what they want to be recognized for.


For the 9th & 10th Standard (12-14 years) the films are on the theme of ‘Me & My World’ – 10 short films (ranging in duration from 15-20 minutes). This series is directed towards young teenagers on the verge of stepping out into the next stage of their lives – as they experience independence, responsibility and the realities of the big world around them for the first time. It encourages them to think ‘big’ and look at things from a macro perspective, and starts to train them in ‘adult’ thinking. They talk about the exposure, opportunity, the choices to be made to lap up the right opportunities, the pressure faced by youngsters of this age group, how to deal with them & the challenges they may face while doing so. Since this is a sensitive age the intention is for the films to be able to help them with their personality development, confidence building, identifying their strengths, making choices that will positively affect their future & dealing affectively with challenges.

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School Cinema looks at replacing the conventional moral science classes, which still use books, to stress on important elements in the subject.

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